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Industries Served:  Pipeline, Petro/Chemical, Distribution, Power Generating, Water Resources, Heavy Equipment, Food and OEM.  

Government:  Local, State, Federal Government & DOD. 

Products: Positive Displacement Pumps, Environmental Products, Filtration, Filters, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Jet Starter Hose, Dredge Hose, Strainers, Meter Provers, Detector switches, Valves, Expansion Joints, Metal Hose, Rubber Hose, Dry Disconnect Couplings, Cam & Groove Couplings, Petroleum Terminal and Fuel Tanker Products, Valves, Pressure Gauges, Military Specification Hose and Fitting Products, Petrolelum Hose, Aircraft Fueling Hose, OS&D Hose, Food Hose, Acid-Chem Hose. Portable Hydraulic Tools, Portable Boring Machines, Portable Welding Machines. Pipeline Spheres, Scraper Cups, Pigs, Swivel Joints, Nozzles, Loading Arms.



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